Quality & Affordability,

High-quality cannabis made right.

Boundary Bay Cannabis offers premium products for the cannabis connoisseur. Grown along the shores of its namesake in beautiful Delta, BC, we follow environmentally-friendly practices to produce high-potency cannabis at appealing prices.


Rooted in Excellence

Launched in 2021, Boundary Bay Cannabis, is a division of Propagation Services Canada Inc. The brand leverages on over 40 years of excellence in greenhouse cultivation. Taking best practices learned in greenhouse commercial production, the cultivation team understands what it takes to grow at large scale and at low-cost, without having to jeopardize quality. The combination of the team’s passion for growing, coupled with the ideal climate conditions that Boundary Bay offers and under a well-established greenhouse infrastructure will show in the cannabis we grow.

The knowledge and vision behind Boundary Bay Cannabis is leading the charge in the production of world-class cannabis products.


A Natural Approach to Growth

Boundary Bay Cannabis’s greenhouse complex in the area of Delta, British Columbia currently utilizes approximately 130,000 square feet of space to grow cannabis. However, the complex has a total capacity of 2.2 million square feet, thereby giving it the potential to become one of the largest cannabis growing facilities in Canada. Located within a 30-minute drive from Vancouver, the greenhouse is set amidst spectacular mountain and oceanfront views.

The retrofitted facilities integrate industry-leading cultivation infrastructure and natural production practices. CO2 emissions are captured and repurposed to benefit plants and a proprietary, energy-efficient, air exchange system and other advanced infrastructure controls temperature and humidity levels. Energy conservation is also maximized through a multi-stage lighting system that complements the natural light and heat from the sun, while a 1.5-million-gallon hot water storage tank system intelligently redistributes heat through pipes within the greenhouse which are also used as rails for equipment in the various jobs required in the greenhouse.

Driven By Passion

We love what we do. Our passion is to enhance people’s lives and grow a community of loyal partners and consumers.

Premium Products

Our industry expertise, leading practices and state-of-the-art facilities reflect our commitment to producing the highest quality product for other producers and consumers.

An Ideal Location

A mild climate together with fresh ocean breezes and triple the number of sunny days over its Vancouver neighbour make Delta, BC, an idyllic location to grow and cultivate cannabis.


Positions we are hiring for at Boundary Bay Cannabis:

Quality Assurance Specialist
The Quality Assurance Specialist/AQAP supports the Team in the verification and validation of quality assurance, ensuring that cannabis products produced meet the organization’s objectives for quality, safety, regulatory, and customer expectations in accordance with the Cannabis Act & relevant regulations.

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Post-Harvest Supervisor
The Post-Harvest Supervisor will oversee and coordinate the day to day post-harvest operations, including drying, bucking, trimming, curing and bulk packaging, within a Licensed Cannabis Facility in Delta, BC.

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Greenhouse Supervisor
Purpose/Objective: To supervise all labour, labour systems and relevant protocol compliance in the Cannabis department in the most productive and efficient manner.

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Machine operator

Purpose/Objective: To safely and efficiently operate all machinery and ensure smooth operation of production and operations.

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